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Current Issue

Vol.3 No.3 Sep. 2013

Functional analysis of the L Protein of Nipah Virus Using Minigenome System
Ali Shahandeh , Amir Bin Rabu

Nipah virus (NiV) was identified in Malaysia in late September 1998 as the etiological agent of an outbreak of acute encephalitis with the high mortality rate in human. NiV polymerase gene (L) encodes RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) which is an enzyme required for viral replication. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of the N terminal of polymerase protein in replication of NiV. Based on the extensive deduced amino acid sequence analyses of a number of L proteins of non-segmented negative-strand (NNS) RNA viruses, a cluster of high-homology sequence segments have been identified within the body of the L proteins. The functional characterization of the NiV L polymerase was addressed in this research by generating a series of progressive N- deletions in the cloned gene and testing them in a minigenome assay. Five mutations that delete increasing amounts of the amino terminus of the L protein (20 amino acids) were generated at the amino-terminal. The ability of new recombinants plasmids in viral replication were tested by using minigenome system which is based on an intracellular and plasmid-based replication assay. This system contains an inserted chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) gene, for readout of the replication of the mini genome directed by wild type or mutant L protein. The results demonstrated that the first 100 amino acids of the NH2-terminal domain spanning a highly conserved motif are directly involved in transcription of the genome RNA. The possible functional significance of the NH2-terminal domain of paramyxovirus L protein is discussed.View Article

Does One-Way Speed of Light is Constant?
DOI: 10.14331/ijfps.2013.330053
Hamid Navaei Rahbar
In all measurement methods, the back and forth motion of light in one-way speed theoretically used in two different assumptions first, when the speed of light is not constant and the second when the speed of light is constant. We measured the speed of light only in one-way direction and according to these measurements, found that the speed of light, does not behave as constant velocity and therefore the special theory of relativity and consequently constancy of the speed of light is not to be true.View Article

On The Absolute Motion in the Inertial Systems
DOI: 10.14331/ijfps.2013.330054
Alfonso Leon Guillen Gomez

Through a mental experiment, the mechanics’ theory, about of the relative motion, is reexamined because the vacuum, frame of the movement, has a physical reality, which allows test the absolute motion, by the Doppler Effect induced by means of a decelerator of photons, affecting an electromagnetic wave in the direction of the motion of an inertial system. This Doppler does not exist in the nature because the source of the electromagnetic wave is in rest respect to system. But, in each cycle, due to which the wave propagates inside the decelerator, the speed of the system combined with the speed of the wave, respect to vacuum, provokes the induced Doppler. The result is that an observer, inside an inertial system, fully insulated from the outside, may determine whether his system is in rest or in motion and measure its speed, in absolute terms.View Article

Morphology Study of anatase nano-TiO2 for Self-cleaning Coating
DOI: 10.14331/ijfps.2013.330055
M. Farahmandjou ,  P. khalili

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been widely used in the field of pollutant degradation, virus killer and environment protection. In this paper, the 8 nm TiO2 nanoparticles are first synthesized by TiOSO4.2H2O precursor. The samples were then characterized by x-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis and Raman scattering after heat treatments. The XRD results show the sharp picks of the samples after annealing. The SEM results show that the size of nanoparticles is about 8 nm in diameter. Finally Raman scattering pattern of the as-prepared TiO2 indicates the anatase phase.View Article


Vol.3 No.2 June. 2013

Theoretical Review of Solar Radio Burst III (SRBT III) Associated With of Solar Flare Phenomena
Z.S.Hamidi, Ungku Ferwani Salwa Ungku Ibrahim, Abidin, Z.Z, Ibrahim, Z.A., N.N.M.Shariff

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Design Of A Femtosecond Blue Pulse Generation System By Pumping Of Kn Crystal With Cr:LiSAF Lasers
Hosein Karami, Mohammad Taghi Soltanifard, Reza Aghbolaghi

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Spectral Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data over Part of the Southern Bida basin, West-Central Nigeria
Ikumbur Emmanuel Bemsen, Onwuemesi Ajana Godwin, Anakwuba Emmanuel Kenechukwu, Chinwuko Augustine Ifeanyi, Usman Ayatu Ojonugwa, Okonkwo Churchill Chukwunonso

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Radiological Analysis of Suitability of Kitui South Limestone for use as Building Material
Bendibbie Munyao Mulwa, David Muchori Maina, Jayanti Pushotami Patel

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Vol.3 No.1 March. 2013

Ch’ng Han Siong , Shahidan Radiman
Determination of Escape Speed from de Broglie-Bohm Interpretation

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Naghmeh MohammadPourlima, Ali NooriKermani, Ali Akbar Rezaei
A Comparison of the Influential Factors Creating Conflicts between Cities and Its Annexed Village (Case study: Islamshahr and Shatereh)

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Adero Awuor Ochieng, Paul Baki, Peter Kotze, Collins Mito
Identification of Night-Time F- Region Currents from CHAMP Satellite Observations over Equatorial Africa

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Alireza Gharakhani, Saed Farajnejad ghadi, Hoseinali Jamshidi
A Survey on the Effects of Rural Guide-Plan of Lajim Village on Its Development

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Elsiddieg Mohamed Ali Elamin
The Earth and Cosmic Harmonic Factor

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Vol.2 No.4 Dec. 2012

Manuel S. Morales
Assumed Higgs Boson Discovery Proved Einstein Right

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.44-47

Bendibbie Munyao Mulwa*, David Muchori Maina, Jayanti Pushotami Patel
Multielemental Analysis of Limestone and Soil Samples of Kitui South (Kenya) Limestone Deposits

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.48-51

Uno E. Uno, Moses E. Emetere*, Isah K.U and Umaru Ahmadu
On The Effect of Electron-Hole Recombination in Disordered GaAs-Aa1-xALAs Multi-quantum Well Structure

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.52-57

M.Aram, Z.Porhasannejad, E.Aghayare, S.Behrouzinia*
Intra-Cavity Loss Element Method for Measurement of the Small Signal Gain of a TEA CO2 Laser

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.58-60

C.D. Marathe, J.J. Rawal , Bijan Nikouravan*
General Solution of Static Sphere of Perfect Fluid and Dust of Uniform Density Using Isotropic Line Element

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.61-63

Seongtaek Seo
The Best Strategy in Rain

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.64-71

Z.S.Hamidi*, N.M.Anim, N. N.S.Hakimi, N.Hamzan, A.Mokhtar, N.Syukri, S.Rohizat, I.Sukma, Ibrahim, Z.A, Z.Z.Abidin, N.N.M.Shariff, C.Monstein
Application of Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA) in Monitoring Solar Burst at Low Region Frequencies Region

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.72-75

M. Asmus, J. Kornatowska, M. Luu, G. Pechoc, B. Potakowskyj, H. Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi*
Comparsion of Trends in Development of City Structures and Development of Urban Transportation

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.76-81

Vol.2 No.3 Sep. 2012

Z.S.Hamidi1, 2,*, Abidin, Z.Z1, Ibrahim, Z.A.1, C.Monstein3, N.N.M.Shariff1
Combined Investigations of Solar Bursts Type III and V

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.32-34

D. Haberfellner1*, H. Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi2
An Evaluation of Mobility Trends until 2030 under the Aspect of Sustainability

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.35-40

Dhanya Balakrishnan1, Umadevi A G2, Jose.P.Abraham1, M.Rajagopalan1, P J Jojo3*
A Study on Activity Concentration of Natural Radionuclide of Building Materials in Kochi

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.41-43

Vol.2 No.2 June 2012

Bijan Nikouravan*
Do Solar Activities Cause Local Earthquakes? (New Zealand)

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 20-23

Z.S. Hamidi*, Abidin, Z.Z, Ibrahim, Z.A., C. Monstein and N.N.M. Shariff
Signal Detection Performed by Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA) In Solar Monitoring

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.24-26

R. Sharifi* , M.Pourkermani, A.Solgi
Comparison slide zones by Nilsen method with active tectonic zones produce of Smf index

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.27-31

Z.S.Hamidi*, Abidin , Z.Z1, Ibrahim, Z.A.1,C. Monstein, N.N.M.Shariff and M.Sabaghi
The Beginning Impulsive of Solar Burst Type IV Radio Emission Detection Associated with M Type Solar Flare

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.32-34

Vol.2 No.1 March 2012

H. Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi, D.Collado Ruiz
Quality and Sustainability Criteria in Purchase Decisions of Teenagers

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 1-5

S.Behrouzinia , M.Aghababaeinezhad , K.Khorasani, B.Sajad, D.Salehinia, Z.Dehghani Mahmoodabadi, M.Sabaghi
The Behaviour of Inverse Voltage on Thyratron’s Anode Versus Operational Parameters in Gold Vapour Laser

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 6-8

Mohammad Hassan Khanmirzaei, Wan Muhamad Saridan Wan Hassan
Assessment of Medical X-Ray Radiographic Screen-Films in Different Spatial Frequencies According To Detective Quantum Efficiency Computation

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 9-11

M.Jafar Ostad Ahmad Ghorabi
Comparison of lateral rear force between two and four wheel steering in a vehicle with steer by wire system

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 12-16

Vol.1 No.4 December 2011

H. Ghorabi1*, V. Sharma Purohit2, N. Seier2, Y. Dereli2, W. Haas2
Understanding requirements for a holistic tool for Ecodesign-first steps

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 68-73

Najwa Rosli1, Keewah Chan2, Saadah A. Rahman3, Ilyani Putri Jamal4, Zarina Aspanut5*
Structural and Optical Properties of SiOx/Au/SiOx Layer Films on the Effect of Rapid Thermal Annealing Process

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 74-77

A. Moghimi1*, R. Ghiasi2, S.Behrouzinia3
Extraction Pb(II) by (Z)-Furan-2-carbaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone adsorbed on surfactant coated alumina before determination by FAAS

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 78-82

K. Ramesh*, S. Ramesh, B. Vengadaesvaran, A.K. Arof
Silicone-Polyester Blended Coatings for Corrosion Protection

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 83-86

Moosa Shafiu
Spectral variations in supercontinuum pulse propagation

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 87-90

Amir Entezam*, Keshav Narain Shrivastava
A geometric representation for visualizing relativistic length and time measurement

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 91-94

R. Sharifi, A.Uromeihy, M.Ghorashi
Fuzzy logic model in landslide hazard zonation based on expert judgment

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 95-98

Vol.1 No.3 July 2011

P. Soltani1*, J. Saberian1, R. Bahramian1 , A. Farshidianfar2
Nonlinear free and forced vibration analysis of a single-walled carbon nanotube using shell model

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 47-52

Z. Z. Abidin*, Z. A. Ibrahim, S. F. F. Malim1, Z. Rosli, M. S. R. Hassan, M. A. A. Aziz, N. Noorazlan, A. S. M. Suhaimi
Radio Meteor Detection in Malaysia

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 53-56

Majid Farahmandjou
The effect of reflux process on the size and uniformity of FePt nanoparticles

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 57-59

S.Behrouzinia*, M.Zand, A.Namdar, H.Rahimi, A.Moghimi
The effect of operational parameters on the output power of copper vapor laser with small-bore tube

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.60-63

Zainal Abidin Ali ,  R. Puteh
Zn2SiO4 and SnO2 nanowires synthesized by thermal ramping technique

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 64-67

Vol.1 No.2 June 2011

Ramesh K *, Ramesh S, Arof A.K
Study on the properties of the hybrid organic coatings for corrosion protection 

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 34-36

H. Shirinzadeh, K. Ahmadi
Crystal Growth and Powder X-Ray Diffraction Data of Cadmium Zinc Tellurium (Cd0.29Zn0.71Te)

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 37-38

Odiljon Mamatkarimov, Ulugbek Tuychiev, Ikromjon Tursunov, Rustamjon Khamidov
Dynamic tensor properties of silicon with deep impurity levels

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 39-41

Mayeen Uddin Khandaker
High purity germanium detector in gamma-ray spectrometry

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 42-46

Vol.1 No.1 March 2011

B. Nikouravan,  J.J. Rawal.
Behavior of elliptical objects in general theory of relativity.
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 1-5   (Astrophysics, General Relativity)

J.J. Rawal, B. Nikouravan
Are there rings around Pluto?
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]  pp. 6-10    (Astronomy, Astrophysics,Rings)

Reeba Maria Jose, Sunil A,Ben Byju S, Christa E Pereira, Vaidyan V K Jojo P.J
Heterogeneity of uranium in water from south peninsular India.
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]  pp.11-14     (Radiation, Uranium)

I. Petermann
Network calculations for cosmochronometric studies.
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.15-18      ( Cosmo-chronometry)

Z.Dehghani1, K. Khorasani, B.Sajad1, D.Salehinia, S.Behrouzinia
Comparison of the output power of copper halide lasers versus buffer gas pressure and frequency.
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.19-21      (Laser, Copper halide laser)

Mohammed Safiqul Islam, Gouri Rani Barai ,  Atiq Mahmood
Performance analysis of different modulation schemes using OFDM techniques in Rayleigh fading channel
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]  pp.22-27   (Engineering, communication system)

H. N. M. Ekramul  Mahmud
Organic Conductor Films: Fabrication and Characterization
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 28-32      (Chemistry, Polypyrrole)