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International Journal of Fundamental Psychology and Social Sciences (IJFPSS) is an open access journal, targeting almost all branches of fundamental Psychology and Social Sciences. It is a quarterly journal, and publishes original research and review papers written in English language.


Fields Covered


Fundamental Psychology:  The academic discipline that covers the various fields of studying human behavior and mental functions is known as psychology. IJFPSS covers all areas of fundamental psychology, including both basic and applied psychology. Some of the subjects covered are the following:

Abnormal Psychology

Behavioral Psychology


Counseling Psychology

Cross-cultural Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Education of Exceptional Children

Forensic Psychology

Clinical Psychology Cognitive Psychology

Health Psychology

I/O Psychology

Human Factors Psychology

Comparative Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Educational Psychology

Personality Psychology Vol.3 No.2 June 2013

Social Psychology

Sports Psychology

Positive Psychology

Fundamental Social Sciences: Social sciences are the fields that are related to the study of society and commonly understood to encompass a plurality of fields outside the natural sciences. IJFPSS accepts papers in all fields of social sciences, including but not limited to the following:



Business Administration







International relations

Political science



IJFPSS publishes original works related to all branches of psychology and social sciences. All manuscripts should be submitted in English. The journal will not accept articles that have been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere. All papers published in the journal are reviewed for their scientific merit by a group of referees. Decisions on manuscripts are solely based on the results of peer reviews, and reviewers receive the manuscripts with a blind title page in order to eliminate bias.

The journal is accessible online free of cost at
Hard copy is also available by subscription.

Please contact IJFPSS if you wish to receive a hard copy.




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