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IJFPSS, Vol 2, No 1, March, 2012



Impact of Spinal Cord Injury in Affective Relationship: A Qualitative Analysis of the Subjects’ Perception


A. Garrett



This article presents and discusses the results obtained from a convenience sample, using the snowball technique, of 35 Portuguese spinal cord injured persons, of any level, both genders and age between 18 and 55. Individual responses to 1 open question: “What is the impact of the injury in your affective relationship? Through the collection of individual data we have elaborated significant categories, thus constituting the group’s discourse: Changes that require the reformulation of the affective relationship; Instability installed in the relationship and Comparing pre-injury. The main results emerged from the Grounded Analysis methodology and allowed the access to relevant issues, such as weakening the self-confidence, partner’s decreased sexual interest, instability, and fear of abandonment. These concerns expressed the influence that the injury had on the construction of the subjects’ perception of their affective relationship.

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The Impact of Open Innovation in New Product Development Process


Sanaz Monsef1, Wan Khairuzaman Wan Ismail



Recently, one of the most debated topics in management literature is open innovation. However, there are still many questions about open innovation that are not answered. Effective management of innovation requires openness in multiple senses, including openness to ambiguity, openness for new ideas, and an open policy regarding the origin and destination of ideas for commercialization. Studies show that, firms following open innovation recognize the value of external inputs into the process of new product development and seek to utilize these inputs internally. Additionally, it is important to investigate several types of new product successes as open innovation may have influenced the success in different ways. Therefore, this study focuses on the four distinct stages of the new product process for measuring factors of new product development success: Planning, Development, Marketing and Commercialization. It is found that organizational structural dimensions play important role in the success of NPD process in open innovation environment. Subsequently, a conceptual framework is proposed.

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Global Economic Crisis and Entrepreneurship Development


Azizallah Roudini, Mohd. Hassan Mohd. Osman



The world in its globalizing posture reflects on mobility of capital, labor and goods across national boundaries expressed in entrepreneurial effort of both developed and developing countries. Global economic crisis in an era of government-led privatization and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit in SMEs may throw most developing countries in economic and financial stagnation faster because of their vulnerability. This paper contends that the world has become a single system and entrepreneurial development in these emerging economies will suffer a great setback faster if it is not followed with strong policies, awareness, training along with supporting institutions amid National Reserves of most poor and fragile countries which are held by the same west whose economies are also in danger. The paper recommends that entrepreneurship as an engine of growth should be given strong support by both government and lending financial institutions in developing economies to be well-strengthened to remain viable within certain limits of any global economic crisis.

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The Influence of Marketing Strategy Elements on Market Share of Firms

Farshid Movaghar Moghaddam



The business performance and economic profit of the firm can be summarized in market share. One of the most important aims of firms is to enhance market share to achieve greater scale in its operations and improve profitability. Due to this, managers always want to expand their market share. Market share responds to elements of marketing strategy and one of the important items that affect market share is elements of the marketing mix. The main purpose of this research is to study the marketing mix influences on market share of polymer sheets manufactures firms in Iran. The result of this study concluded that product strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy and place strategy are important elements to increase the market share. Thus, the sub-elements of each of the strategies such as product variety, product quality, after-sale service and product specification (referring to color or size) which are under product strategy; pricing, period of payment, offer of discounts, which are under the pricing strategy; attendance in trade fair, practicing direct marketing, hiring experience and educated sale staff, that come under promotion strategy; having safety stock, on-time delivery, and placing of the storeroom in place strategies which are under the place strategy is important sub-elements to be observed in increasing the share market.

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Existential Approach in Treating Self-Harming Behavior


D. Marappan, M.S. Mustaffa, R. Ahmad



In this journal article counselor has discussed the use of Existential Approach in treating a client who has been diagnosed as depression with faulty-self talk which lead to serious self-harming behavior. In this approach and therapy session client was thought to learn to live as a fully functioning person by leading her to find the meaning of life, plus a few techniques are adopted in this case such as self-talk, homework and creating new meaning. Overall eight sessions and follow up’s ensured the client is able to cope with and change the irrational thoughts as well as to perform positive thoughts and behaviors in her future.

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A Critical Review on Synthetic Globalization Indexes


Parisa Samimi , Guan Choo Lim, Abdul Aziz buang



Globalization is not a new phenomenon. Rather, our world has experienced it since many years ago. This broad concept casually used to describe a variety of phenomena that reflect increased economic, social and political interdependence of countries. As many developing countries have participating to globalize world recently, the concerns about globalization and its impacts on different aspect of life is increased. Looking at the way globalization affects us, there is a need to measure globalization not only to know the effects of it, but also to manage it. Our study reviews the recent globalization synthetic indexes, their indicators and methods. In addition, we propose some criteria to compare the indexes. We conclude that selection of a good globalization index heavily depends on the objectives and sample of the study. The results of this study provide a guideline for researchers to select best index for their studies or develop new and better measurement.

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