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IJFPSS, Vol 2, No 2, June, 2012



The Review Of Assessment in Family Counseling


A.Ghanbaripanah, M. S. Mustaffa



Assessment has played a major role in family systems work. Assessment methods can apply as a guide in order to understanding of functioning patterns in family unit by family counselors. The assessment process is an essential step in guiding decisions regarding the suitable intervention strategies. This paper reviews the different literature of assessment methods in family counseling, consequently explained, and compared the various models of marriage, couple and family assessments.

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The Role of Information Technology Infrastructure Capability (ITIC) in Management


Hamed Gheysari*, Amran Rasli, Parastoo Roghanian, Hamid Jebur



Information Technology Infrastructure Capability (ITIC) is said to play a significant role in management. As a significant contribution to a firmís long-term success, ITI has burst as a major antecedent of organizational performance. The development of the basic ITI in management is therefore easily forgotten. Most managers think that the ITI is a separate component of management, but ITI must be placed beside other parts such as finance, marketing, human resource and so on in order to advance the managing. Yet, there is little research that focuses on how availability and use of ITI enable or constrain management. To explore this, we conducted a study and described the availability of ITI and its use in management efforts. In this study the ITI literature in management will be reviewed and furnished, theoretically, followed by posing discussions on different aspect of ITI. A review on the role of Infrastructure commences in advance, and afterwards, the concepts and components of ITI literature will be provided and it continues with ITIC. The paper finds that the literature offers a comprehensive, yet fragmented, picture of ITIC in management and its improvement ways.

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Exploring the  Influence  of  Situational  Factors (Money>Time Available) on Impulse Buying Behavior among Different Etthics


Amir Foroughi*, Nor Aishah Buang, Reyhane Haj Mir Sadeghi



One of most important discussion in consumer behavior and marketing sciences is choice of product and buying behavior. Most behavioral researchers make an effort to make in behavior models. In this research, the effect of situational variables (time available, money available) on impulse buying investigated among different ethnics in Malaysia. These variables influenced to urge to buy impulsivity & at last this variable influenced to impulse buying. Data were collected in Malaysia (Chinese, Indians, Malay people). In this study, Path Analysis used to measure effect of variables. A descriptive statistics (Frequencies, Means, and Standard deviations) is used to describe the quantitative data. For measuring the validity and reliability of items, we used CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) and Alpha Cronbach Coefficient respectively. Results revealed that the situational variables (money available and Time available) were influence to the felt urge to buy impulsively and impulse buying. Beside that positive effect has mediating role between situation variables and impulse buying.

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