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IJFPSS, Vol 2, No 4, Dec, 2012



Productivity Tools: TPM and TQM


Parastoo Roghanian, Amran Rasli , Mostafa Kazemi, Hamed Gheysari



Productivity is a major factor for operational management. Applying the productivity tools such as TQM and TPM besides knowing the productivity value can be two significant approaches that help organizer and policy maker to make strategies for future. This study has tendency to investigate how the TQM and TPM influence the productivity through the managerial components, efficiency and effectiveness. Reducing the price, improving the quality, increasing customer and job satisfaction, promoting the profit and the growth of organization, enhancing outcome and output that leads to raise the efficiency and effectiveness can be considered the results of  implementation of TQM and TPM. The ways as to how the other productivity tools impact on efficiency and effectiveness can be probed in future studies.

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Effects of Cognitive Behavior Approaches in Anxiety for Cancer Patient Undergone Chemotherapy


Sharif Mustaffa, Azizan Mohd Musa, Salleh Abu, Rosman Mohd Yusof



The main objective of this article was to show the effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and techniques especially designed for anxiety in cancer patient who was schedule for chemotherapy treatment. The techniques used in this CBT counseling sessions are: cognitive restructuring, homework, problem solving, and mindfulness-based approach (acceptance and commitment). The approaches was used because the counselor want to guide and approaches the client in dealing anxiety by using some techniques that can change her thought, feeling and behavioral; and make her feel better in her daily life along the cancer treatment. This approach's' is a new technique use for cancer patients in Malaysia. But it was successfully used by some other researchers in European country.

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E-Commerce Reality and Controversial Issue


Hamid Jebur, Hamed Gheysari, Parastoo Roghanian



Day by day, the number of companies and people engaged in E-commerce is increased as a result of the significant benefits provided by this commerce for consumers, companies and society. Achieving privacy and security of all E-commerce partners helps to overcome the obstacles and remove many of the concerns especially that related to financial transactions security on the Internet. This paper aims to explore the E-commerce reality and discuss the main issues that have received and is still receiving a lot of controversy, and that have to be considered by different parties to develop and promote such commerce. It also demonstrates the future of E-commerce in spite of these issues challenges. It is obvious that E-commerce will continue to grow in spite of barriers and rising threats.

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Relation between Attachment to Parents and Same Ages with Autonomy of Adolescences


Mojgan Sepah Mansour, Gelareh Sabeti



This study examined the relationship between attachment to parents and same ages with the autonomy of adolescents. Two hundred and fifty secondary school students (125 girls and 125 boys) were completed questionnaires about the attachment of parents and same ages and adolescences autonomy questionnaire. Results showed that attachment to parents and same ages among adolescent girls in relationships are meaningful. The attachment to parents and same ages is higher in adolescent girls in comparison with boys. But autonomy in boys and girls are not different from each other.

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