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IJFPSS, Vol 3, No 1, March, 2013



Which Managerial Determinant Is Better For An Export Performance of Firms? A Meta-Analysis


Hind El Makrini



Export is usually the first step toward internationalization. However, it is regarded as a difficult, complex and dynamic process in an environment, sometimes, very competitive and turbulent. This competition requires that firms support a high level of performance in order to ensure their growth and survival. Management is often considered as the major force behind the beginning of development, sustenance and prosperity in exporting. Attitudes, perceptions and managerial characteristics seem to play a significant influence on export performance of firms. Nevertheless, the literature is mainly characterized by a lack of consensus and findings are conflicting. In this study, we classify the managerial determinants into skill-based and attitudinal characteristics and try to link these concepts with export performance. Finally, we suggest a grid of the managerial determinants having a significant impact on export performance. A critical examination of the existing works is required to better understand the managerial determinants of the export performance and to suggest, through a simplification and clarification of the different approaches and precepts, a new conceptual framework for future researches.

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Analysis of Family Dynamics across the Family Life Cycle


Afsaneh Ghanbaripanah , Sharif Mustaffa, Roya Koochak Entezar



The purpose of this study is to identify of the some family dynamic patterns among Iranian couples. This research will determine the family dynamic structures in each stage of the family life cycle for more balance. The research questions and hypotheses will be developed to focus on exploring and understanding family dynamic structures among Iranian families. Two-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) will be used in this research. This paper will discuss the topic as part of a PhD proposal in the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. It is hoped that the result can be a reference to family professionals in identifying the family dynamic structures in Iran.

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