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IJFPSS, Vol 3, No 2, June, 2013



The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Mental Health among Iranian Mothers of Mild Intellectually Disabled Children


Roya Koochak Entezar, Nooraini Othman, Azlina Binti Mohd Kosnin, Afsaneh Ghanbaripanah



The aim of this study is to determine the influence of emotional intelligence on mental health among mothers of mild intellectually disabled children in special school of Tehran-Iran. The sample of the study will be selected by a purposive sampling method. All respondents will complete the questionnaires of MHC-SF and AES. Structural equation modeling (SEM) will be used to analyze the data. The finding is expected to show the level of mental health among the respondents and the impact of emotional intelligence on mental health among the respondents.

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Analysis of the relationship between effort or result-oriented thoughts for the parents of talented and regular students with the social popularity and mental health of children


Majid Ebrahimpour, Gholamali Afrooz, Majid Pakdaman



The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between with the social popularity and mental health of their children in nongovernmental and governmental schools in Tehran. For this purpose, 235 students including talented and regular students (120 girls and 115 boys) selected from Tehran schools using multi-stage cluster sampling. The students completed Moreno social popularity test and GHQ28 mental health test, and Afrouz effort or the parents completed result-oriented thoughts. Statistical analysis of survey data were performed using two independent groups t methods, correlation coefficient, ANOVAs and multiple regression analysis step by step. The results of analysis on effort and result-oriented thoughts for the parents of students indicated that there was a significant difference between effort-oriented thoughts and result-oriented thoughts for the fathers, and for the mothers of these students we have significant role in the social popularity and mental health of their children. On the other hand, the sex and intelligence variables did not have any significant role in social popularity and mental health of the children.

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Effectiveness of Behavior Therapy’s Techniques in Communication of Autistic Children


Masume Kalantari, Majid Pakdaman, Majid Ebrahim Pour



Aim of this present research is determine of Effectiveness of behavior therapy`s techniques in communication of Autistic children. This research is a semi trial project without having an evidence group. Statistical society of the present research includes all the autistic students of special autistic children's school in Tehran in 1391-1392. From autistic children schools of Tehran 16 children 7-14 years old were selected as sample and placed in a group consisted of 16 persons. The sample group participated in treatment meetings in two months (two 60 minute sessions in a week). Findings of research, making use of the correlated examination showed that implementation of behavior treatment techniques Increase communication in in autistic children. The method employed in the above research is the compiled method of Evar Le Vass known as “intervention therapy by ABA method”. The basis of this method is the analysis of the weaknesses, behavioral and cognitive problems of autistic children and an individual training program for each child to train them individually by trained instructors employing operant conditioning (Skinnery). GARS test was use to collect the data; it included three subsets of stereotype behaviors, communication, and social equilibrium; each of these three subsets included 14 questions with 42 scores at most to represent the severity of autism. Mean while, the spss software and T-test were used for the analysis of the data. The findings of the research showed that the behavior therapy techniques (by the use of ABA method) were instrumental in the improvement and enhancement of social communication in autistic children.

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Identification of Innovative Marketing Strategies to Increase the Performance of SMEs in Iran


Manijeh Haghighinasab, Bahram Sattari , Mina Ebrahimi, Parastoo Roghanian



The changing of today’s marketplace makes businesses to adopt innovative approaches and new resources to rely on in this situation. In order to competing in global markets, organizations should move to lower production costs, higher qualities and short product lifecycle that lead into higher customer satisfaction. Marketing methods, especially those were used traditionally as a blueprint in business activities are gradually fading from markets and innovative methods. In this paper, using a mixed method research, we studied 116 small and medium-sized firms (SME’s) of Iranian East Azerbaijan province’s food industry. We identified four groups of innovative marketing methods based on product, price, place and promotion based strategies, which product and promotion have meaningful effect on innovative marketing strategies. Results also indicate that the impact of marketing strategies on innovative is through entrepreneurial orientation of firms. Consequently, the study revealed that the entrepreneurial orientation affect firm’s performance via innovativeness.

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