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IJFPSS, Vol 3, No 4, Dec, 2013




Irrational Beliefs as Mediator between Event of Stressor and ‎Level of Stress ‎among Boarding Schools

Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa, Nurrul Iza Md Said‎



This is the study of Irrational Beliefs (IrB) as mediator between the Event of Stressor (A) and Level of Stress (C). The ‎aim of this study is to examine the relationship between IrB as mediator between the A and C among Boarding School ‎‎(SBP) teachers in Johor. This study utilized a survey using Questionnaire of Teacherís Belief Systems (SSKG) and ‎Questionnaire of Events of Stressor and Level of Stress (SPTG) involving 115 respondents from several districts SBP in ‎Johor selected based on stratified random sampling method. Data were analysed using inferential statistics. The results ‎shows there was a significant relationship between A, IrB and C. The A were more influencing to C based on Beta ‎value, Ŗ = .77 than IrB. As conclusion, IrB were not a significant mediator between A and C in SBP, Johor. The ‎implication of this study can be seen from the point of view that the MOE and the employer can start looking for ideas ‎to overcome students' attitude as it was the highest rated Event of Stressor among Boarding schools teachers, and to ‎figure out a way to give exposure to the teachers and students about beliefs system. Furthermore, this method cans ‎encourage teachers and students by themselves to create a rational belief of avoiding stress at all time.‎

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The Landscape of Service Orientation in Banking Industry


Hamed Gheysari, Parastoo Roghanian, Seyed Saadat Kamali, Seyed Bahaedin Mousavi



In the current service environment in which banks are under increasing pressure not only increase revenue but also respond quickly to changing market conditions, banks will be successful only if they transform themselves and become on demand businesses. Numerous academic reports on service orientation studies resulted in hardship of its real antecedents and outcome identification of among managers and academics. In this study the service orientation literature will be reviewed and furnished, theoretically, followed by posing discussions on different aspects of service orientation. A review on the service definitions and characteristics commences in advance, and then, an overview of different approaches in implications of the service orientation literature as well as dimensions of service orientation will be provided. The paper finds that the literature offers a comprehensive, yet fragmented, picture of service orientation meaning and its improvement ways.

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Spiritual Approach with a Muslim Female Student Dealing with Adultery Case


Khairunisak Hj Bakri, Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa



This article discusses the approach used during the conduct of spiritual counseling sessions with a girl who struggle to break up with her boyfriend after having a sexual intercourse. Islamic Approach Spiritual is use because the issue presented by the client is very concerned with the practices and regulations of Islam. Using the approach of Ad-Din Cognitive Psychology, mind is an important element that can trigger the individual to act and change. Indeed naturally human instincts are good but desires (nafs) inside that prevents human from doing good deeds. Hearts (qalbu) act as a trigger whether to do good or evil. In the context of the client's case, the client already has the intention to change, but there is something that prevents the client from it. Counselor's role is to trigger the clientís insight through mind. Thus counselors use counseling techniques including confrontation to help the client in order to think. In addition, counselors also use religious elements by stressing (positive reinforcement) about the nature of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful and Almighty accepts repentances. Client succeeds achieving the aim of counseling session.

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The Relationship of Appliance Consumer Personality Trait, ‎Brand Personality, Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity in the ‎Mobile Phone Industry


Sajad Khani, Seyyed Mahdi Imanikhah, Hamed Gheysari, Seyyed Saadat Kamali, Tahereh Ghorbanzadeh‎



Personality traits play an important role in customer brands selection with their own personality traits that are consistent ‎with them and this consistence caused promotion brand loyalty and ultimately promotion brand equity. In this research we are considered the adaptation of the customer personality and brand personality and its effect on attitudinal and ‎behavioral loyalty and brand equity in the mobile phone industry in Tehran. Sample of study is 400 actual and ‎potential customers of Samsung mobile in Tehran. The results show that adoption of brand personality and personality ‎traits improve attitude and behavioral loyalty brand and brand equity‎.

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