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IJFPSS, Vol 4, No 4, Dec, 2014

Vol 4, No 4, Dec, 2014



Neurofeedback Effectiveness on The Learning Skills of Elementary School Students


Bakhtiar Moslemi, Narmin Abdollahi, Leila Rahimi



The research was based on experimental method and pre-test and post-test with control group has been used. So, among ‎female students with related parameters to participate in the research just 50 ones were choice. Three practice sessions per ‎week for 20 were determined for each three groups. Both experimental and control groups participated in neurofeedback ‎learning sessions (promoting the Alpha wave, Alpha-Theta protocol) in addition to school practices. However, experimental ‎group received real feedbacks and also similar implementation process for simulated neurofeedback group, there is no ‎relationship between these feedbacks and neuro-activities. Standard school rules used to estimate the students record. ‎Additionally, their changes studied and compared in these two stages. Compared to other groups, increasing the mean of ‎records in real neurofeedback group significantly presented as the result of analysis the unilateral covariance (p<0.05), also, ‎however, mistakes decreased for each person in real neurofeedback group, there was no significant different between these ‎changes in pre-test. Neurofeedback training is effective on performance improvement with capable of operant conditioning of ‎brain waves. So, with regard to the results, suggests that neurofeedback training used to improve the school work of ‎elementary students.‎

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