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IJFPSS, Vol 5, No 2, June, 2015

Vol 5, No 2, June, 2015



Effects of Pregnancy and Childbirth on Female Sexuality:‎‏ ‏A Comparative Descriptive Study



Abbasali Ebrahimian, Maryam Haydari‎, Parsania Zeinab, Beidokhti Hengameh‎



Childbirth is one of the factors which can be effective in sexual disorders. Therefore a study was conducted aiming to ‎compare the sexual disorders in female after the childbirth with the period before pregnancy. In a descriptive-analytic study, ‎‎100 female that experience of childbirth recently were examined. Results showed that 58% of woman have experienced at ‎least one of the sexual disorders (even a slight one and for a limited period of time) before pregnancy, and 60% have ‎experienced such disorders after the childbirth. This study showed that sexual disorders of women increase during the period ‎before the pregnancy compared to the period after their childbirth. Therefore, it is suggested to educate and instruct couples ‎sexual issues in all the after-marriage phases, especially during the period after the childbirth.‎

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The Family-Centered Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral and ‎Motor Treatment on Clinical Symptoms and Executive ‎‎Functions In ADHD Children



Rahim Davari, Bagher Ghobari Bonab, Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei, Gholamali Afrooz



This study was to investigated the efficacy of the family base-integrative program designing of cognitive behavioral and ‎motor therapy on clinical symptoms and executive functions in elementary school children with ADHD. Thereafter 44 ‎children (22 experimental group, 22 control group) were selected through purposive sampling method and parents of ‎experimental group underwent 40 sessions of integrative therapy. CANTAB and IVA tests were administered as the pre-test ‎and post-test for the children in experimental and control groups. The results which were supported by MANCOVA revealed ‎that applying the family base-integrative therapy was effective in the reduction of the symptoms of hyperactivity and ‎attention deficit (of clinical symptoms) and improve of the shifting and flexibility of attention, spatial span, spatial working ‎memory and spatial planning (of executive functions), but there was not effective impulsiveness of clinical symptoms and ‎motor control and planning of executive functions. This study confirmed that the family-centered integrative program of ‎cognitive behavioral and motor therapy has a positive effect on clinical symptoms and executive functions in children with ‎ADHD.‎

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