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Archive 2012

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Vol.2 No1.Match 2012



A. Garrett
Impact of Spinal Cord Injury in Affective Relationship: A Qualitative Analysis of the Subjects’ Perception


This article presents and discusses the results obtained from a convenience sample, using the snowball technique, of 35 Portuguese spinal cord injured persons, of any level, both genders and age between 18 and 55. Individual responses to 1 open question: “What is the impact of the injury in your affective relationship? Through the collection of individual data we have elaborated significant categories, thus constituting the group’s discourse: Changes that require the reformulation of the affective relationship; Instability installed in the relationship and Comparing pre-injury. The main results emerged from the Grounded Analysis methodology and allowed the access to relevant issues, such as weakening the self-confidence, partner’s decreased sexual interest, instability, and fear of abandonment. These concerns expressed the influence that the injury had on the construction of the subjects’ perception of their affective relationship.View Article


Sanaz Monsef1*, Wan Khairuzaman Wan Ismail2
The Impact of Open Innovation in New Product Development Process


Recently, one of the most debated topics in management literature is open innovation. However, there are still many questions about open innovation that are not answered. Effective management of innovation requires openness in multiple senses, including openness to ambiguity, openness for new ideas, and an open policy regarding the origin and destination of ideas for commercialization. Studies show that, firms following open innovation recognize the value of external inputs into the process of new product development and seek to utilize these inputs internally. Additionally, it is important to investigate several types of new product successes as open innovation may have influenced the success in different ways.  Therefore, this study focuses on the four distinct stages of the new product process for measuring factors of new product development success: Planning, Development, Marketing and Commercialization. It is found that organizational structural dimensions play important role in the success of NPD process in open innovation environment. Subsequently, a conceptual framework is proposed.View Article


Azizallah Roudini, Mohd. Hassan Mohd. Osman
Global Economic Crisis and Entrepreneurship Development


The world in its globalizing posture reflects on mobility of capital, labor and goods across national boundaries expressed in entrepreneurial effort of both developed and developing countries. Global economic crisis in an era of government-led privatization and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit in SMEs may throw most developing countries in economic and financial stagnation faster because of their vulnerability. This paper contends that the world has become a single system and entrepreneurial development in these emerging economies will suffer a great setback faster if it is not followed with strong policies, awareness, training along with supporting institutions amid National Reserves of most poor and fragile countries which are held by the same west whose economies are also in danger. The paper recommends that entrepreneurship as an engine of growth should be given strong support by both government and lending financial institutions in developing economies to be well-strengthened to remain viable within certain limits of any global economic crisis.View Article


Farshid Movaghar Moghaddam
The Influence of Marketing Strategy Elements on Market Share of Firms


The business performance and economic profit of the firm can be summarized in market share. One of the most important aims of firms is to enhance market share to achieve greater scale in its operations and improve profitability. Due to this, managers always want to expand their market share. Market share responds to elements of marketing strategy and one of the important items that affect market share is elements of the marketing mix. The main purpose of this research is to study the marketing mix influences on market share of polymer sheets manufactures firms in Iran. The result of this study concluded that product strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy and place strategy are important elements to increase the market share. Thus, the sub-elements of each of the strategies such as product variety, product quality, after-sale  service and product specification (referring to color or size) which are under product strategy;  pricing, period of payment, offer of discounts, which are under the pricing strategy; attendance in trade fair, practicing direct marketing, hiring experience and educated sale staff, that come under promotion strategy;  having safety stock, on-time delivery, and placing of the storeroom in place strategies which are under the place strategy is important sub-elements to be observed in increasing the share market. View Article


D. Marappan, M.S. Mustaffa, R. Ahmad
Existential Approach in Treating Self-Harming Behavior


In this journal article counselor has discussed the use of Existential Approach in treating a client who has been diagnosed as depression with faulty-self talk which lead to serious self-harming behavior. In this approach and therapy session client was thought to learn to live as a fully functioning person by leading her to find the meaning of life, plus a few techniques are adopted in this case such as self-talk, homework and creating new meaning. Overall eight sessions and follow up’s ensured the client is able to cope with and change the irrational thoughts as well as to perform positive thoughts and behaviors in her future.View Article


Parisa Samimi , Guan Choo Lim, Abdul Aziz buang
A Critical Review on Synthetic Globalization Indexes


Globalization is not a new phenomenon. Rather, our world has experienced it since many years ago. This broad concept casually used to describe a variety of phenomena that reflect increased economic, social and political interdependence of countries.  As many developing countries have participating to globalized world recently, the concerns about globalization and its impacts on different aspect of life is increased. Looking at the way globalization affects us, there is a need to measure globalization not only to know the effects of it, but also to manage it. Our study reviews the recent globalization synthetic indexes, their indicators and methods. In addition, we propose some criteria to compare the indexes. We conclude that selection of a good globalization index heavily depends on the objectives and sample of the study. The results of this study provide a guideline for researchers to select best index for their studies or develop new and better measurement. View Article


Vol.2 No.2 June 2012

A.Ghanbaripanah, M. S. Mustaffa

The Review Of Assessment in Family Counseling

Assessment has played a major role in family systems work. Assessment methods can apply as a guide in order to understanding of functioning patterns in family unit by family counselors. The assessment process is an essential step in guiding decisions regarding the suitable intervention strategies. This paper reviews the different literature of assessment methods in family counseling, consequently explained, and compared the various models of marriage, couple and family assessments.View Article


.Hamed Gheysari*, Amran Rasli, Parastoo Roghanian, Hamid Jebur

The Role of Information Technology Infrastructure Capability (ITIC) in Management


Information Technology Infrastructure Capability (ITIC) is said to play a significant role in management. As a significant contribution to a firm’s long-term success, ITI has burst as a major antecedent of organizational performance. The development of the basic ITI in management is therefore easily forgotten. Most managers think that the ITI is a separate component of management, but ITI must be placed beside other parts such as finance, marketing, human resource and so on in order to advance the managing. Yet, there is little research that focuses on how availability and use of ITI enable or constrain management. To explore this, we conducted a study and described the availability of ITI and its use in management efforts. In this study the ITI literature in management will be reviewed and furnished, theoretically, followed by posing discussions on different aspect of ITI. A review on the role of Infrastructure commences in advance, and afterwards, the concepts and components of ITI literature will be provided and it continues with ITIC. The paper finds that the literature offers a comprehensive, yet fragmented, picture of ITIC in management and its improvement ways.View Article


Amir Foroughi*, Nor Aishah Buang, Reyhane Haj Mir Sadeghi

Exploring the  Influnce  of  Situational  Factors (Money>Time Avialable) on Impulse Buying Behaviour among Different Etthics


One of most important discussion in consumer behavior and marketing sciences is choice of product and buying behavior. Most behavioral researchers make an effort to make in behavior models. In this research, the effect of situational variables (time available, money available) on impulse buying investigated among different ethnics in Malaysia. These variables influenced to urge to buy impulsivity & at last this variable influenced to impulse buying. Data were collected in Malaysia (Chinese, Indians, Malay people). In this study, Path Analysis used to measure effect of variables. A descriptive statistics (Frequencies, Means, and Standard deviations) is used to describe the quantitative data. For measuring the validity and reliability of items, we used CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) and Alpha Cronbach Coefficient respectively. Results revealed that the situational variables (money available and Time available) were influence to the felt urge to buy impulsively and impulse buying. Beside that positive effect has mediating role between situation variables and impulse buying.View Article


Vol.2 No.3 July 2012

Students’ Creative Potential in Higher Educational Institutions: A Case Study in Malaysian Public Universities

Elaheh Safajouee1* , Barjoyai Bardai1


The term “creativity” refers to a phenomenon whereby a person creates something new that has some kind of value for other people. This study aims to examine the creative potentiality among both undergraduate and postgraduate students in higher educational institutions. To this end, a questionnaire survey was stratified randomly administered to 490 students in four Malaysian public universities namely University of Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The required primary data was collected within two months from October until November 2011. The main findings of the study showed that, firstly, most of the students stated that universities attempt to improve creative potential among students and, secondly, the role of knowledge sharing, creative environment and technology environment, curriculum of the study, team work and level of rock logic are very effective in improving creative potential. Thirdly, the finding demonstrated that the level of creative potential is satisfactory in these four Malaysian public universities. It is important for the universities to maintain focusing on creativity and creative potential and try to further increase the creative potential for improving the self-importance.View Article


The Impact of Physical Design Factors on the Effective Use of Public Squares

Reihaneh Sadat Hajmirsadeghi1, Shuhana Shamsuddin1, Amir Foroughi2


This article reviews extant literature in the field of the effective use of public square.This review has been undertaken with a specific focus on understanding the meaning of ‘‘effective use’’ and the factors that work towards effect use in perspective of square. Starting with a historical overview that provides genesis of this thought, the review moves into analysis of current definitions of ‘‘effective use’’. After providing a thorough picture of effective use, the article deals with physical factors. At various points in the article and at the end, future research directions that follow the relevant sections are discussed as propositionsView Article

Relationship among Information Technology Investment, Firm Performance, Innovation and Firm Growth, case study: largest Iranian manufacturers

Mahdi Mohammad Bagheri1, Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid1, Ali Rezaei1, Abbas Mardani1


Information technology is the main item for improve the firm performance for organizations. On the basis of the resource-based view, this paper investigates relationship between Information Technology (IT) investments and firm performance. The research assesses whether innovation is moderated by firm growth and this study investigated the mediation effects of innovation on IT’s impact on firm performance. A set of hypotheses rooted in the resource-based view theories of the firm was created and empirically tested. Survey email invitation approach was employed to send a letter of invitation to 1,100 potential participants at 300 firms to participate in the study. To analyze the data, both mediated regression and hierarchical linear regression models were utilized; and following controlling for firm growth. The results of this study indicate that IT increases the innovation of the firm. Innovation improves firm performance in terms of financial and operational. Results also indicate that IT‟s impact on innovation is significantly moderated by firm growth. Finally, the results indicate that IT‟s impact on firm performance is through innovation. This suggests that firms should consider IT investments that improve the firm’s capabilities in order to achieve a significant impact on firm performance. The main purpose of this paper is to offer the new perspectives in illumination how IT can create a sustained competitive advantage for the firmView Article


Vol.2 No.4 Dec. 2012

Productivity Tools: TPM and TQM
Parastoo Roghanian *, Amran Rasli , Mostafa Kazemi, Hamed Gheysari

Productivity is a major factor for operational management. Applying the productivity tools such as TQM and TPM besides knowing the productivity value can be two significant approaches that help organizer and policy maker to make strategies for future. This study has tendency to investigate how the TQM and TPM influence the productivity through the managerial components, efficiency and effectiveness. Reducing the price, improving the quality, increasing customer and job satisfaction, promoting the profit and the growth of organization, enhancing outcome and output that leads to raise the efficiency and effectiveness can be considered the results of  implementation of  TQM and TPM. The ways as to how the other productivity tools impact on efficiency and effectiveness can be probed in future studies.View Article

Effects of Cognitive Behavior Approaches in Anxiety for Cancer Patient Undergone Chemotherapy
Sharif Mustaffa*, Azizan Mohd Musa, Salleh Abu, Rosman Mohd Yusof

The main objective of this article was to show the effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and techniques especially designed for anxiety in cancer patient who was schedule for chemotherapy treatment. The techniques used in this CBT counseling sessions are: cognitive restructuring, homework, problem solving, and mindfulness-based approach (acceptance and commitment). The approaches was used because the counselor want to guide and approaches the client in dealing anxiety by using some techniques that can change her thought, feeling and behavioral; and make her feel better in  her daily life along the cancer treatment. This approach's' is a new technique use for cancer patients in Malaysia. But it was successfully used by some other researchers in European country.View Article

E-Commerce Reality and Controversial Issue
Hamid Jebur, Hamed Gheysari*, Parastoo Roghanian

Day by day, the number of companies and people engaged in E-commerce is increased as a result of the significant benefits provided by this commerce for consumers, companies and society. Achieving privacy and security of all E-commerce partners helps to overcome the obstacles and remove many of the concerns especially that related to financial transactions security on the Internet. This paper aims to explore the E-commerce reality and discuss the main issues that have received and is still receiving a lot of controversy, and that have to be considered by different parties to develop and promote such commerce. It also demonstrates the future of E-commerce in spite of these issues challenges. It is obvious that E-commerce will continue to grow in spite of barriers and rising threats.View Article


Relation between Attachment to Parents and Same Ages with Autonomy of Adolescences
Mojgan Sepah Mansour*, Gelareh Sabeti


This study examined the relationship between attachment to parents and same ages with the autonomy of adolescents. Two hundred and fifty secondary school students (125 girls and 125 boys) were completed questionnaires about the attachment of parents and same ages and adolescences autonomy questionnaire. Results showed that attachment to parents and same ages among adolescent girls in relationships are meaningful. The attachment to parents and same ages is higher in adolescent girls in comparison with boys. But autonomy in boys and girls are not different from each other.View Article