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Current Issue

Vol.3 No.3 Sep 2013



Personality Temperament, Characterand Behavior
Akhmet Dyussenbayev

Existing classifications of temperament, characters, personality types and ways of behavior are the disputable issues of the present-day scientific world. The origins of the classifications rise from the ancient philosophy and medicine in China and India (VIII BCE), Greece (V BCE), Rome (II век AD), England and Germany (ХIХ), USA and Russia (ХХ). Tremendous amount of the classifications were worked out all over the world and not all of them withstood the test of time. The references to Hippocrates’ and Claudius Galenus’ classifications occur chiefly, which are tangential with regard to mentality and psychic setup and based on humoralism (humorism). Great empirical and experimental materials have been accumulated in scientific history without harmonious systematization in view of the absence of the integrated international system of classification that is the factor restraining the further development of typology. There were curious incidents during typology march. Fourier (Francois Mari Charles) described three hundred characters, for instance. Unfortunately, any ordinary person could not be able to remember all these descriptions. Since then, researches, finding and admission of the optimum types became the task of paramount importance for the scientists. View Article


The Effectiveness of Applying Behavior Therapy’s Techniques on Social Interaction of Autistic Children
Masume Kalantari , Majid Pakdaman, Majid Ebrahim Pour

This study was designed and implemented aimed to determine the efficacy of behavior therapy techniques on improving casting, social interaction in autism children. This study was semi-experimental and without controlled group. Sample included sixteen 7-14-year-old children who were selected by available sampling method from special autism school children in the city of Tehran. These children were participated for 2 months in therapy sessions with a psychologist specializing management. For the treatment, documented procedures were used by Ivar Lovas titled "Treatment intervention by Applied Behavior Analysis ". Garez test was used for data collection. For the analysis of data, T test of affiliated groups and the SPSS software were used. Results showed that the techniques of treatment behavioral cause to increase social interaction in autistic children. This confirms the fact that no child should be abandoned without an education program fit the children needs. View Article


The Effect of Channel Function Performance on Relationship Quality with Organizational Buyers: A Case Study in Iranian Food Distribution Company

Manijeh Haghighinasab, Mina Ebrahimi , Bahram Sattari  ,  Parastoo Roghanian

The continuous changes in the world and the pressure of competition in global markets make organizations to preserve and improve long term relations with customers. Additionally, the feature of distribution network has changed the quality of relationship into a strategic opinion. This research attempts to investigate the relationship quality between distributer channel function with their organizational buyers as well as the impact of interdependence between the partners in the relationship. A survey was conducted by questionnaire instrument distributed between 243 organizational buyers of Iranian Food Distribution Company. Data were analyzed by SPSS and LISREL software. Testing a structural equation modeling showed that the operation of distributor has a positive effect on the relationship quality while the effect of total interdependence on relationship quality became negative.View Article



The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Mental Health among Iranian Mothers of Mild Intellectually Disabled Children
Roya Koochak Entezar, Nooraini Othman, Azlina Binti Mohd Kosnin, Afsaneh Ghanbaripanah

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Analysis of the relationship between effort or result-oriented thoughts for the parents of talented and regular students with the social popularity and mental health of children
Majid Ebrahimpour, Gholamali Afrooz, Majid Pakdaman

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Effectiveness of Behavior Therapy’s Techniques in Communication of Autistic Children
Masume Kalantari, Majid Pakdaman,  Majid Ebrahim Pour

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]

Identification of Innovative Marketing Strategies to Increase the Performance of SMEs in Iran
Manijeh Haghighinasab,  Bahram Sattari , Mina Ebrahimi, Parastoo Roghanian

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]


Hind El Makrini
Which Managerial Determinant Is Better For An Export Performance of Firms? A Meta-Analysis

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp

Afsaneh Ghanbaripanah , Sharif Mustaffa, Roya Koochak Entezar
Analysis of Family Dynamics across the Family Life Cycle

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp


Productivity Tools: TPM and TQM
Parastoo Roghanian *, Amran Rasli , Mostafa Kazemi, Hamed Gheysari

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp 65-69


Effects of Cognitive Behavior Approaches in Anxiety for Cancer Patient Undergone Chemotherapy
Sharif Mustaffa*, Azizan Mohd Musa, Salleh Abu, Rosman Mohd Yusof

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp70-73


E-Commerce Reality and Controversial Issue
Hamid Jebur, Hamed Gheysari*, Parastoo Roghanian

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp71-79

Relation between Attachment to Parents and Same Ages with Autonomy of Adolescences
Mojgan Sepah Mansour*, Gelareh Sabeti

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]



Elaheh Safajouee1* , Barjoyai Bardai1

Students’ Creative Potential in Higher Educational Institutions: A Case Study in Malaysian Public Universities

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp45-48

Reihaneh Sadat Hajmirsadeghi1, Shuhana Shamsuddin1, Amir Foroughi2

The Impact of Physical Design Factors on the Effective Use of Public Squares

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp49-56

Mahdi Mohammad Bagheri1, Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid1, Ali Rezaei1, Abbas Mardani1

Relationship among Information Technology Investment, Firm Performance, Innovation and Firm Growth, case study: largest Iranian manufacturers

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp57-64

The Review Of Assessment in Family Counseling

A.Ghanbaripanah, M. S. Mustaffa

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.

The Role of Information Technology Infrastructure Capability (ITIC) in Management

Hamed Gheysari*, Amran Rasli, Parastoo Roghanian, Hamid Jebur

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.

Exploring the  Influnce  of  Situational  Factors (Money>Time Avialable) on Impulse Buying Behaviour among Different Etthics

Amir Foroughi*, Nor Aishah Buang, Reyhane Haj Mir Sadeghi

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp.


Impact of Spinal Cord Injury in Affective Relationship: A Qualitative Analysis of the Subjects’ Perception
A. Garrett

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 1-6


The Impact of Open Innovation in New Product Development Process
Sanaz Monsef1*, Wan Khairuzaman Wan Ismail2 

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 7-12


Global Economic Crisis and Entrepreneurship Development
Azizallah Roudini , Mohd. Hassan Mohd. Osman

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 13-18


The Influence of Marketing Strategy Elements on Market Share of Firms
Farshid Movaghar Moghaddam

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]


Existential Approach in Treating Self-Harming Behavior
D. Marappan, M.S. Mustaffa, R. Ahmad

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 25-27


A Critical Review on Synthetic Globalization Indexes
Parisa Samimi, Guan Choo Lim, Abdul Aziz buang

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 28-31



Relation between Emotional Intelligence and Forgiveness with Marital Satisfaction
Roya Koochak Entezar, Nooraini Othman, Azlina Binti Mohd Kosnin, Afsaneh Ghanbari Panah

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 21-25


The Influence of Export Marketing Strategy Determinants on Firm Export Performance: A Review of Empirical literatures Between 1993-2010
Farshid Movaghar Moghaddam, Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid, Siti Zaleha Abdul Rasid, Hassan Darestani

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 26-34


Quality excellence model: A review of researches in Developing countries
Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail, Hassan Darestani, Maziar Azimzadeh Irani

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 35-36



The Study of Some Individual and Social Factors on Risk Health Behaviors (RHB) Among University Students
Afsaneh Ghanbari-Panah1, 2, 3*, Haji Mohamed Shariff 2, Parisa Tajalli3 , Elham G. Ashtiani
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF]  pp. 1-5


Attracting Consumers by Finding out Their Psychographic Traits
Abduljalil Sarli*, Huam Hon Tat
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 6-10


A Comparison of Coping Strategies Used by Mothers of Children With/Without ADHD
Parisa Tajalli1*, Hidar Ali Hooman2, Gholam Ali Afrooz3, Bagher Ghobari Bonab3
[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 11-13


Fostering Generic Skills through Participatory Learning Strategies
Reena George

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] pp. 14-16


The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence With Skills Competency And Personal Development Among Counselling Teachers In Kulaijaya District, Johor
M. Nasir Z. A., M. S. Mustaffa*, R. Ahmad

[Abstract]-[Full Paper-PDF] 17-20