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International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS)


Is an Open Access Journal destined for almost all branches of fundamental physical and applied sciences. IJFPS is an International Open Access journal publishing monthly. The Journal publishes original research and review papers in English covering all areas of fundamental physical sciences studies. Preference, however, is given to the following:

Applied physics, Astronomy (theoretical and experimental), Astrophysics and Cosmology, Atmospheric physics, Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Civil, Earthquake, Engineering and Technology, Fuzzy logic, General and Special Relativity, Geology, Geophysics, Gravitation, History of Astronomy, History of Mathematics, History of Physics, History of Sciences, Material sciences, Mathematical Physics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Optics & Lasers, Plasma Physics, Pure Mathematics, Quantum Mechanics, Radiation Physics, Remote sensing and GIS, Solid state physics, Spectroscopy, Theoretical Physics, Thermodynamics and more.

In fact, original works from all branches of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology and Engineering can possible to publish.

All the manuscripts should be submitted in English. The journal will not accept articles, which have been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere.

All the papers published in the Journal, are reviewed by a group of referees for their scientific merit. Manuscript decisions are solely based on the results of peer reviews, and to eliminate bias reviewers receive manuscript with blind title page. The journal is access able Free of cost and online at


The hard copy (5 color copies 50 $) is available with your special order to IJFPS.































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