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IJFPS, Vol 4, No 1, March, 2014

Vol 4, No 1, March, 2014


Calculation of Stau-atoms and molecules formation rates for different common fusion fuels in Stau catalyzed fusion


S.N.Hosseinimotlagh, A.Gharaati, M.Ghasemi ShabanKareh,J.Bahmani



Stau fusion catalyzed fusion proceeds inside the fuel mixture with a wide range of temperature. The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed calculation of Stau-atoms and molecules formation rates for different common fusion reactions and the obtained results are compared with each other. Because these formation rates are the most important parameters in the Stau catalyzed fusion method and values of the mare directly related to energy production. Our obtained results show that, selection of fusion fuel in determination of formation rate parameter plays an important role.

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Light Pollution and Its Effect on the Environment


Fereshteh Bashiri, Che Rosmani Che Hassan



Light pollution can cause disturbance to humans as well as animals. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of light pollution on human's health, plants, animals, human body and Peopleís attitude about light pollution. About 90% of people strongly agreed that excessive lighting has adverse effects on a person's health. At least, 70% of people had difficulty in sleeping because of light pollution. Most of people believed that video Billboards, Spotlights, Car headlights and Street lights are the most important source of light pollution and about 60% of people agree that light pollution can affect animalís sleep. 60% of people believed that excessive artificial light can attract several kinks of birds and insects. The results of this study indicate that the human health, plants growth and animal behaviour are strongly affected by the light pollution.

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The phenomenon of Colossal Magnetoresistance and some experimental results


Haji Shirinzadeh



The Present LaMnO3 material is anti ferromagnetic and insulting while replacing La with alkaline earth atoms changes take place in symmetry and crystal structure. Ferromagnetic interaction for example increase with do pant concentration χ and attains maximum at χ=0.31, beyond this level different type of antiferromagnetic interaction intra as well as inter-layer emerge which grown the overall magnetic behavior of the compound. We discuss semi covalent exchange interactions of four types. The nature of exchange viewed with the degree of overlap of the empty Mn 3d level and the field O2p level. Then most interesting case is Mn(3+)-O2-Mn(4+) where exchange between Mn(3+) and Mn(4+) take place through hopping of holes ateg levels from Mn(4+) to Mn(3+) via O(2-). At each site the mobile hole spin is parallel to the localized case spin at teg and, thus, ferromagnetism is developed along Mn(3+)-O(2-)-Mn(4+) bonds. This double exchange is strong enough to suppress other exchange interactions. In this paper we are discuss the fundamental aspects of the double-exchange interaction, the impact of other important features like john-Teller effect, modulation of Mn-O-M bond length and angle through A-site substitution, charge carrier transport dependence on A-site radius, orbital ordering among the Mn(4+) Mm(3+)-Mn(4+) network etc. the colossal magneto resistance (CMR) phenomena arises due to several cause. The paper reviews various observed aspects related to CMR to contribute to latest understanding of its physics. Some experimental results are given to illustrate some aspects.

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Dynamical study on the ultra-short pulsed laser in the water medium and skin tissue and comparing obtained results


S.N.Hoseinimotlagh, M.S.Sharifi, Kh.Shoja



Interest on the ultra-short laser has increased continually over the past decade. Scientists have an excellent power medical resource and the use of this resource will assist in the development of sustainable medical procedures. Scientists with its many technologies and significant medical range-might be expected to have considerable potential for treatment skin cancer. In this paper influences of the critical electron density and radiation intensity on the free-electron density for the ablation on the epidermis and dermis tissues are investigated. Our research work show existing of an inverse relationship between intensity radiations of laser pulsed and distance of focal spot with time dependent of free-electron density. This case is proper for skin cancer treatment. Also, our calculations for each medium (water and skin tissue) show that optimum time dependent free electron density for dermis layer at angle 16˚ and 22˚ which is a function of wavelength, beam width, beam radius, amplitude of the beam radiation strength and pulse duration is more than for epidermis layer.

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