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2014  Conference (NEW)    Applied Physics and Thin Film Technology (AP-TFT)



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National Conference on Material Energy Research Center-Fundamental Journals



Applied Physics and Thin Film Technology (AP-TFT)

 24 November 2014

Karaj, Iran



                                                           MERC                                    Fundamental Journals



MERC-FJ-14 Conference

Today, all National and International Conferences on Thin Films are the primary event for all researchers and persons interested in thin films and coatings aiming to convey their results to the researchers. Thin films and coatings are developing continuously in the ways of production, ever new applications and complexity, thus laying foundations for various advanced industries of today and the future.

The MERC-FJ-14 will provide a multidisciplinary forum for marking the advancement in basic research, development and applications. It will present a unique opportunity for researchers, engineers and managers to meet and share new knowledge and experiences on thin films and coatings. The list of topics is updated regularly with the aim to attract new participants and rejuvenates the conference. We strongly believe that our understanding of thin films and coatings will be enhanced through this conference.

The MERC-FJ-14 will be held from 24 November 2014 in MERC, Karaj, Iran. We cordially invite you to attend this conference. Let us make this conference a scientifically excellent meeting and socially memorable event for all its participants.


General Information & Scope

The scientific programme  MERC-FJ-14 consists of different and invited lectures and session of poster contributions. A number of “hot topics” contributed papers will be selected for oral presentation.

The conference will cover all recently established TFD topics, conveniently combined with the complementing surface engineering topics:


- Advances in Modeling Thin Film Growth

- Energetic Particle and Solid Interaction

- Plasma-Surface Interactions for Thin Film Engineering

- Advances in Deposition Techniques

- Reactive Processes

- Structure Formation in Multi-Component Thin Films

- Nanostructured and Architecturally Designed Coatings, Smart Surfaces

- Protective Coatings in Severe Environments

- Carbon Based Films: Diamond, DLC, Organic Polymers

- Oxide Thin Films

- Thin films for optoelectronics, nanoelectronics and spintronics

- Thin films in Energy Harvesting and Storage

- Thin Films and Surfaces in Biological Applications

- Innovative Methods of Thin Film Analytics and Structural Characterization

  and more


The conference offers an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists, engineers and technicians from research and industry. Exhibition of products, services and the latest developments in the fields of vacuum, materials, coatings, nanosciences and surfaces, as well as pertinent professional publications is an essential part of the conference.

Selected papers of the MERC-FJ-14 conference, will be published as Special Issue in the International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS) as an Open Access journal. IJFPS is indexed by different research centers and data bases such as EBSCO (US), CrossRef (US), DOAJ (Sweednn), SAO/NASA ADS (US), IET’s INSPEC Database (UK), Copernicus (poland), Google Scholar and many many more databases and International Librires all in the world.


The MERC-FJ-14 manuscripts will be published as a special (but consecutively numbered) issue of the FUNDAMENTAL JOURNALS, IJFPS. The submission of a paper implies that it represents original work not previously published and not being considered for publication elsewhere. All previously published material shall be fully acknowledged in the manuscript. The format, letter-type and lay-out will be the same as for the regular issues of the Journal.


Submitting Papers

Submission to this journal proceeds totally online and you will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of your files. The system automatically converts source files to a single PDF file of the article, which is used in the peer-review process. Please note that even though manuscript source files are converted to PDF files at submission for the review process, these source files are needed for further processing after acceptance. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision, takes place by e-mail removing the need for a paper trail.


Method of submission

On-line submission via Fundamental Journals Editorial System (FJES) at 

Please submite your manuscript as a single file and in Word office (Version 2007 or higher).


How to write the paper / Download Template

The paper should be written in English language and

Margin :............................   Left/right/up/down =1.5 cm

Paper size :.......................   A4

Font name:  ....................... Times New Roman

Title size:    .........................16 /cm

Name /Affiliation size:  ....... 10 /cm

Abstract/Text size: .............10 /cm

References:   ....................  APA format

Maximum page of paper: ... 3 pages


Download template for Fundamental Journals, (IJFPS)‎ MERC-FJ-14

Word office (Version 2007 or higher)  



Method of submission

On-line submission via Fundamental Journals Editorial System (FJES) at 

Please submite your manuscript as a single file and in Microsoft Word office (Version 2007 or higher).



The dedline of manuscript submission is 10 September 2014.


Location / Venue

The Conference will be held at MERC, Karaj, Iran.


Conference Registration Fee


From Iran

Regular Participant:         Iranian Rial (IRR)  3,000,000

Student Participant:         Iranian Rial (IRR)  2,000,000


From other countries

Regular Participant:         US$ 300

Student Participant:          US$ 200

The registration fee includes: the conference kit, attendance in all technical sessions, lunches and coffee breaks.

Conference office will be located in the Conference centre, MERC, Karaj, Iran


 Submite your paper for MERC-FJ-14  Conference


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Asso. Prof. Dr. B. Nikouravan                                     Asso. Prof. Dr. H. Shirinzadeh

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Ko. Nakajima

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