Fuzzy logic model in landslide hazard zonation based on expert judgment



  • R. Sharifi Department of Geology, Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
  • A. Uromeihy Department of Geology, TarbiatModares University, Tehran, Iran
  • M. Ghorashi Department of Seismotectonic, Geology Organization, Tehran, Iran




Fuzzy logic method, Landslide, Landslide Hazard Zonation, watershed management, Karaj, Iran


In this research landslide, hazard zonation provided based on fuzzy logic method and investigating of this model is efficiency. In the first provided the geology of slope and aspect maps by using aerial photos topography maps and field operations in watershed management of Karaj. Then, these maps classes of priority and coming next determine based on
existing landslides area in the geology, slope and aspect of maps in GIS software. In the geology map of Karaj formation (contain shale, tuff, marl, sandstone and conglomerate) and Tizkuh formation (contain limestone) and in the slope map of percent 25≤ S< 45 and 0≤ S <15 classes and in the aspect map south and east classes sequential have most and least landslide area. Then, in final drawer to dimension centimeters 2 in region watershed of map and we counted from 0 until 153 based on geology, slope and aspect. Then (y) units settled sequential, numbers 0 to 27 in very low sensitivity class (one class), numbers 28 to 66 in low sensitivity class (two class), numbers 67 to 89 in middle sensitivity class (three class), numbers 90 to 126 in high sensitivity class (four class) and numbers 127 to 153 in very high sensitivity class (class five). Based on these classes, provided the landslide hazard zonation founded on fuzzy logic method. Comparison fuzzy map and surface distribution landslide showed about percent 2.19 ( 140.53 hectare), percent 5.08 (325.98 hectare), percent 18.79 (1205.75 hectare), percent 43.38 (2783.70 hectare) and percent 30.56 (1961.04 hectare) sequential settled in one, two, three, four and five classes which are acceptable results to recommend it to prevention of the probable risks and damages is suggested, innovation and spreading of road construction in area is on basic of limitations of the landslide risk breadth plan.


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Author Biography

M. Ghorashi, Department of Seismotectonic, Geology Organization, Tehran, Iran



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Sharifi, R. ., Uromeihy, A., & Ghorashi, M. (2011). Fuzzy logic model in landslide hazard zonation based on expert judgment: Geophysics. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences, 1(4), 95-98. https://doi.org/10.14331/ijfps.2011.330023