A Survey on the Effects of Rural Guide-Plan of Lajim Village on its Development

Rural Guide-Plan


  • Hoseinali Jamshidi Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Savad kooh Branch, Iran




Lajim village, rural guide-plan, development


The purpose of this study is to consider, how Lajim Rural guide-plan has affected its textural, economic, social, and cultural development. The theoretical modeling of the study is in accordance with the present guide plans of the country and the previous studies done. In this study which is based on visiting and observing, the research has used a questionnaire to gather data. The sample of the study is households of Lajim village in Mazandaran province; from which 40 people were randomly selected. In this study, four hypotheses considered and data analysis has been presented descriptively and inductively. Statistical methods and independence model, applied for more analyzing. The results show that the guide-plan of Lajim, positively affected Lajim's development economically, culturally, and also socially. The authors provide some suggestions to improve rural guide-plans.


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