Einstein’s Misunderstanding of Time in the Time-Invariant Universe

Astrophysics, Relativity





Space, Time, Cosmology, Olbers’ paradox, AGN-s


Einstein has kept time as the dimension of the space-time continuum that is supposed to be a fundamental arena of the universe. Our research confirms time is the duration of changes, i.e., motion run in the time-invariant universal space that has Euclidean shape, it is infinite. Black holes in the center of galaxies are rejuvenating systems of the universe. In these black holes old matter is transforming back into the fresh energy of elementary that AGNs are throwing in the intergalactic space in the form of huge jests. These jets are fresh material for new star formation. The universal process of continuous rejuvenation is eternal.


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Author Biographies

Amrit S. Šorli , Bijective Physics Institute, Slovenia

Amrit S. Šorli is the founder and the director of a private research organization “Bijective Physics Institute – BPI”. He developed a bijective research methodology based on the bijective function of set theory. His main research subjects are the foundations of physics, time, gravity, superfluid quantum space, the Theory of Relativity, and cosmology. He published around 60 research articles and 10 books. http://www.bijectivephysics.com/

Štefan Čelan , Scientific research centre Bistra, Slovenija

Štefan Čelan is the founder and the director of Scientific Research Centre Bistra. In 2019, ZRS Bistra Ptuj received the title of Regiostars Winner for the most innovative project in the competition of 28 countries in the EU. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical technology and also has an interest in the foundations of physic, gravity, and cosmology. In addition to expert articles published in foreign and domestic scientific journals, the co-author and co-owner of several patents. With two patents, he appeared at international patent and innovation fairs in Geneva and Nuremberg and received silver medals. He has been named Industry Innovator of the Year several times.


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