Equilibrium of Planets in The Solar System-A New Approach

Solar system


  • D. P. Sheth R. H. 40, Konark Pooram, Kondhwa, Khurd, PUNE – 411 048, INDIA




Magnetic fields – Sun, Magnetic fields – Solar system, General


As per Newtonian laws of motion and gravitation, the gravitational force of attraction governs all the planets of the solar system. Here we discuss the equilibrium of planets in which gravitational force represents one side and the magnetic hold the other side. The planet achieves equilibrium in the solar field at that point where it's centrifugal (i.e., gravitational) force balances the magnetic hold of the sun. The sun develops magnetic flux on the planet according to its surface area, magnetic content, and rotational velocity.  As per available data, calculations in this regard are in good agreement with the functions achieving rotational and orbital motions and equilibrium of planet, thus supporting our concept. Therefore, this theory provides the missing link explaining magnetic interaction with the centrifugal force of the planet to achieve equilibrium, hold, and motion.


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D. P. Sheth , R. H. 40, Konark Pooram, Kondhwa, Khurd, PUNE – 411 048, INDIA

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