Giant Magnetoresistance and Oscillations In Interlayer Exchange Coupling In Co/Cu/Co Multi-Layers

Thin films


  • Haji Shirinzadeh Department Semiconductors (Device Fabrication), Surface Physics and Thin Films Material And Energy Research Center (MERC) Alvand Avenue, Postal Code: 13145-1659, Tehran, Iran



Thin films, Multilayers, Interlayer, Exchange Coupling, Sputtered


The oscillations in interlayer exchange coupling between ferromagnetic layers which are Separated by a nonmagnetic spacer layer, manifests n oscillatory magnetic properties which depend on the thickness of Copper interlayer. Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy system. We have made multilayer films with alternating cobalt and copper thin films. The preliminary results are reported on microstructure and magnetization properties. The conductance between first and third film depends on the relative orientation of magnetization between them. This optimizes to large magneto resistance changes called Giant Magneto-resistance effect.


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