Geotextiles and Study of Their Behaviour on Sand Embankments



  • Rahman Sharifi Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Department, ‎ Tehran Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center,‎ AREEO , Varamin, Iran ‎



Sensitivity Analysis, Geotextile, Sand Embankment


Today, the soil reinforcement is applied as an effective and reliable way to increase the resistance of the soil mass. This method works in a variety of instruments to stabilize the earthen dam, layers below the surface, the embankment road, and pavement. Geotechnical applications need advanced behavioral models to simulate the nonlinear and time- functionality of soils. The whole problem is analyzed numerically with software plaxis, including an embankment with crest width 2b and height (H) which is located on a soft clay layer. The clay layer is placed under the stabilized layer and the embankment located on it.  The initial dimensions of the plane strain analysis, including the embankment crest width of 6 meters by 9 meters with side slopes of 2:1 (V: H) on a deep clay layer of 40 meters. In this paper, we first review the results of the initial analysis and then discuss the results of previous research done in this area; the results are compared to the software plaxis. Then, the sensitivity analysis of parameters such as slopes on either side of the embankment, the embankment width, and the height of the embankment is performed.


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Sharifi, R. . (2016). Geotextiles and Study of Their Behaviour on Sand Embankments: Geophysics. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences, 6(4), 23-25.