Predicted Dynamic and Structural Criterion of Evaluation of Gravitational Waves


  • M Zhussupov Science, Noosphereorder Co., London, UK ‎
Keywords: Cosmic Vacuum, Gravitational Waves, Frequency, Density of Physical Vacuum, Exoplanets


The cosmic (physical) vacuum according to modern data possesses the properties of a material medium. In combination with the celestial bodies, this medium is capable of forming dynamic structures. Presumably, these structures have a wave nature, and in their development, the gravitational waves, emitted by the stars and their planetary systems can take part. It is believed that physical vacuum is almost weightless matter. However, this study postulates its high density, as a condition for adaptation of the fundamental physical laws for different mediums and substances. The product of this density and gravitational constant gives vent to the frequency, which is entitled to the probable frequency of the gravitational wave background of space and equals to .06 Hz (rounded). The supposed spectrum of gravity waves of the solar system could become a model for the spectral analysis of extra-solar systems and the evaluation of habitable planets.


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Zhussupov, M. (2017). Predicted Dynamic and Structural Criterion of Evaluation of Gravitational Waves. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS), 7(1), 1-4.